euphoria x hulu



We'll start off with the Title Sequence which my partner Shancheze Johnson lead as the creative director. I assisted with editing and design. I also lent a hand in videography which was heavily lead by Meg Lee.


As the creative director and designer for the print and out of home events, my first step was designing and animating posters. You'll see everything I worked on individually and assisted with another person for this massive re-launch. I'll provide a video reel with the full project and my partner's contribution as well.

With the art poster, we wanted to introduce you to the world of euphoria. Immediately, we want you to instantly feel a sense of wonder and interest. We want you to ask yourself… What is euphoria?

After bringing the world of euphoria to your attention, we then want to introduce you to the characters that occupy that world. Here, we focus on the two main characters, Rue and Jules.

Euphoria Promotional Poster with dripping text
Euphoria Promotional Poster of RueEuphoria Promotional Poster of Jules


Another aspect of this launch project i worked on were vibrant graphics that would double as banners and cards for Hulu's landing page website.

I created six (one with two variants) cards that are meant to navigate the psyche of Rue and Jules, two characters in Euphoria who are exploring their dynamic between each other.

I wanted to display both of their moments of euphoria, and sadness. This allowed for a nice contrast between the graphics.

Euphoria Hulu Banner of Rue and jules version 2Euphoria Hulu Banner of Rue and Jules togetherEuphoria Hulu Banner of RueEuphoria Hulu Banner of JulesEuphoria Hulu Banner of JulesEuphoria Hulu Banner of Rue


To make greater use of these banners, I decided to animate them for billboards and other digital promotional opportunities.


As creative director of out of home experiences, I had my partner, Shancheze Johnson illustrate a graphic to be printed on entry wrist bands for a launch event screening in California.

I also printed these designs on raffle tickets, which will allow consumers and fans to win Euphoria x Hulu branded merch and prizes during the screening event.

Raffle ticket and wrist band graphicTickets and wrist band


For the merch section that I assisted in, I designed a package that will contain some of the merch items, along with bookbag concepts that can house the limited edition VIP package.

My final creative direction challenge was leading the direction of clothing items.


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